CyanogenMod 9.0 RC0 for Milestone A853, Working Camera Except Video Recording

Team CyanogenMod is continue working on the development of CyanogenMod 9.0, and now our nice developer Nadlabak just released his new ICS custom rom for Milestone after two month, it is CyanogenMod 9.0 RC0 for Milestone A853, in this build, we get working camera and new CM9 boot animation, and many upstream improvements from team CyanogenMod. I’ve tested the Ice cream sandwich on Motorola Xoom, hopefully we can get full working CyanogenMod 9 on Milestone soon or later 🙂 though I know it is a hard work with limited RAM.


Btw, Devs are also working on enabling zram function on Milestone, this new feature can help a lot in limited ram situation, more details can be found here:

Download link: CyanogenMod 9.0 RC0 for Milestone A853
New gapps:

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  • jhonatas alfradique

    link is off!!!! Please i need download it!!

  • rahul

    i will having problem with cm 9
    my home key was not accessing when i click as twice for open a last seen files, if you have any suggestion about this pblm then pls tell me n 1 more thing how can i part my 16 gb sd card n how it was making ext2 or ext 3.

    • Hi, I have this problem once, I give you my suggestion, after you flash the CM9 zip, don’t flash the google apps, just reboot the phone normally, then reboot to recovery and flash the google apps.
      Maybe you can try the notheme build. here is the thread: