Andorid 5.1.0 LMY47O Factory Image for Nexus 4 is available to Download

Finally, Google released the Android 5.1.0 factory image for Nexus 4, after almost a month later than the first Android 5.1.0 factory image pop up. I have been using the custom Android 5.1 rom with my Nexus 4 for half a month, and I can tell Android 5.1.0 is obviously better than Android 5.0.x, much more smooth and stable, the only problem is we don’t have the latest binary files to suit Android 5.1, as it used the 5.0.2 binary file, the phone reboot occasionally, and now with the latest Android 5.1 factory image, this random reboot bug can be fixed soon.

Nexus 4 Android 5.1.0 factory image

Nexus 4 running Android 5.1.0

Visit Factory Images list for Nexus devices.

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