About the Endgame and Puzzles, How to Start Decode and Little Hints

Endgame: The Calling, written by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton, they created a adventure story, twelve well training teenagers from different ancient societies, tracking, fighting, seeking during this mystery competition, the competition that the “Sky people” who brought everything to Earth called it ENDGAME. Only one teenager can survive and his society can be saved, others will be destroyed.

Maybe you already finished the book and knew about the ending, well I will not continue talking about the story, let’s focus on the puzzles, which are hiding everywhere in the book, between lines and numbers. So far as I know, all the words in italics contains some useful infomation.

If you came from Google search you should have visited this website, one of the online puzzle site: Keplerfu turistics, this one is important, but you don’t need to click anything on it, this website just log your decode process, here comes your first question, How can I open the locking iris on the table? Unfortunately, my process is far behind from others, just one iris, but I’d like to give you some hints how to do that.

keplerfu turistics

Ps, If you want to solved all puzzles by yourself, please stop reading, if you are suffering of headaches, go on.


To open the first iris, keep your attention to some meaningless sentence when “the Shang” appear. James did not mean to make those paragraph hard to read, he was telling you something, useful things. See the . and - upon there, does it remind you Morse code? think about “the Shang” can feel Morse codes, the answer is cleared, when you see the codes, you will understand, the code lead you to a shorten URL, not the goo.gl.

I was surprise when I found the information, as those words were a little annoying. Will talk about the second puzzle in next post.

Wish you find the codes.

Endgame the Earth key

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