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Did you hear about all this news about the Android communities?

Taiwan HTC said its UK market share of smart phones has risen to 20%

HTC smartphone based on Google’s Android operating system, and RIM, Apple and Samsung competition.

According to the IDC data research firm, in the first quarter HTC UK market share of 15%, last year was 7%.

HTC was expected that 1100-1150 million smart phones will be sold worldwide in this season, that is revenue doubled over the same period last year.

Will Motorola unlock the Bootloader on older devices?

Fews days ago, A message which named “Motorola Atrix 4G Bootloader Has Been Unlocked” has been spread over the android websites, many people was doubted about the pictures, but that is true, Moto may begin to realize their promise, which is they will unlock the bootloader on their phones this year.

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