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Did you hear about all this news about the Android communities?

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[video]Which is better, HP Touchpad or Galaxy Tab 10.1

So a comic, telling a story about that in view of the iPad tablet PC’s dominance, many manufacturers have launched their own “iPad killer” product, but these “killers” did not unite the iPad stabbing, but in the “Who is the strongest iPad killer “had an argument on this issue, and finally began killing each other, but iPad still triumph in the pack. If the number of vendors from the “iPad killer” products blaze a new trail in order to face the final Boss apple, to the WebOS, the latest enter the field, between the fright with Android is a fate duel.

Android 3.2 OS release, Tablet PC market, there are variables

Google’s Android operating system is slowly but steadily infiltrated into the tablet pc. Designed specifically for business users in addition to Cisco Cius Tablet PC, other devices are aimed at ordinary consumers. For now, Android Tablet PC, there are many variables. If successful, Google will be another platform a large number of customers; but if that fails, consumers will realize that the Android for Tablet PC version is no difference compare with the Android for smart phone , which will bring Google disastrous consequences. So, Android Tablet PC can not afford to fail.

[APK]Brand New Interface, New Android Market Available (Download)

Great news heard from the XDA forum, New Android Market is available today, works perfect on Gingerbread Android 2.3.4, should work on Froyo too.

Android Market is an application that native install on Google Android system, use for getting many kinds of Android application in the offical Market place, you can manager your own installed application, check and get the latest update of those installed applications when you are connect to the Internet.

New features:
1.Brand New Interface, Horizontal scroll switch the main 5 columns, category, Hot, recommended, just like the launcher. The home page use a UI similar to Metro UI of Windows Phone 7.

Created in China: All intelligent entity Android Robot

A Chinese geek made this cute Android Robot, though it is a little dirty, but it is all intelligent, it is controled by voice command, doing some simple action.

The background song is “cowboy is busy” from Jay Chow, let’s see what it can do, have a fun with the video.

Motorola Mobile and Toshiba announced 10 inches Android Tablet PC market price will be lowered

Motorola Mobile and Toshiba have announced Wednesday, 10 inches Android Tablet PC market price will be lowered. Motorola Mobile said Wi-Fi Tablet PC Edition 10 inches Xoom price will down from $ 599 to $ 499. Previously, because Xoom price is too high, Tablet PC market criticism arose, make this product unable to compete with Apple iPad tablet. With the lower price in future , Motorola Mobile Xoom will take a challenge to the iPad in Market.

For example, Xoom, price $ 499, using Android 3.1 operating system with a 32GB capacity, 1GB system memory; iPad, price $ 499 capacity storage is 16GB, the system memory is 512MB . Wi-Fi Tablet PC Edition 10 inches Xoom’s with the new price, also have confrontation with Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab 10.1. The latter version of Wi-Fi Tablet PC using Android 3.1 operating system , but the capacity is only 16GB, system memory is 1GB.

MOTOROLA Droid 3 XT862 Now Available from Verizon Wireless, Sell in Verizon Store $199 on July 14

Take the “Droid 3” search results on there are only a lot of Droid 3 accessories available from eBay sellers. MOTOROLA Droid 3 XT862 will be sell in Verizon Store a week, the non-contract price is $459.99, 2-year contract price is $199.99.

Take a visit of the Droid Does page:

DROID 3 will be launched via direct fill in July 7, sell in store July 14

Just in case you needed additional confirmation after our report that the DROID3 will be available starting July 7 via D-fill and July 14 in stores, we’ve got this for you.  Yep, those dates are starting to pop up everywhere for our friends at Verizon, so unless something catastrophic happens with the shipments of phones next week, we’ll be seeing it.

Xiaomi phone: the own brand with MIUI Android phone will be released soon

According to informed sources, the Xiaomi company which is Lei Jun’s second foundation, will release its own brand of mobile phone: Xiaomi phone, it’s marketing vice presidented by Li Wanjiang, phone hardware manufactured by Motorola OEM.
Information which has confirmed is, the exact price is 2600 RMB, lower than half price of the same type of product, mainly selling to the mid-market, the main configuration is CPU: Qualcomm 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, not before rumors of 1.5GHz.

Xiaomi phone has a 4-inch, 480×854 resolution Sharp LCD screen. Touch Components: Taiwan TPK production of capacitive touch components; Accessories: Support for the replacement housing, there are a variety of color covers. Software: Built-in all of Xiaomi software, millet chat provide the same functionality as iMessages in iOS 5.

Google now activates 500,000 Android devices every day

Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin tweeted this morning to announce that Google is now activating 500,000 devices each day, a 100,000 increase since it’s last announcement at Google I/O in May.

Rubin’s tweet also states that Android activations are growing at 4.4% week on week:

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