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3D role-playing game “Eternity Warriors” arrived to the Android platform

3D role-playing game

Glu Games developed 3D role-playing masterpiece game the “Eternity Warriors” has recently arrived to the Android platform, this Android game has very nice picture quality and high playability, players are giving the same score as the iOS platform, four star and a half.

The game picture is abnormal gorgeous, and have great lighting effects, while using the vertical angle of approach, the effect of attack is quite shocking, the protagonist wielding weapons by a big margin, that is bringing the player a kind of dripping pleasure.

“Eternity Warriors” will take you into a magical world of 3D effects, fast-paced melee gameplay is very fun . Use your wisdom and weapons, including swords, axes, etc. to fight those evil enemies and demons to save the human world and the wizard now!

[APK] MiTalk Messenger , Specifically Design for Mobile Social Communication

[APK] MiTalk Messenger , Specifically Design for Mobile Social Communication

If you are an Android fans, you must heard about the MIUI roms. As the Xiaomi phone was released yesterday, its official rom the MIUI and Xiaomi phone native applications was mentioned everywhere. The popular one is MiTalk Messenger, a mobile social communication tool, support such features: group chat, it supports up to ten people group discussions. Walkie-Talkie, this new feature supports voice messages, let the message lights up.

MiTalk Messenger also support rich media transfer, such as photo and graffiti, and of cause support the cutey rich emoticons. MiTalk has a single contact person list, you can easily to find the people you want to chat. MiTalk Messenger helps you to easily connect with families, friends and colleagues, support 3G / GPRS / WIFI network connection, let you chat with people all over the world.

[Game]Racing Moto, Top New Free, Small game Big Fun !

I have download it on the Andorid market when I saw it was list in the Top New Free games board, Good lord that is so exciting, very fun, If you think that it must a boring moto bicycle game, you should try it , you will change your mind, it is so fun, unbelievable funny, and it is free , NDS and PSP can be lost in the side. but after it was play for a while, the game style change was not enough. Common problem of small game. Still have do some improvement.

Fishing Joy HD Android, Top 1 in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and More! Free!

July 19, PunchBox, a Chinese development team, release the first Android version of “Fishing Joy” over the world . “Fishing Joy” with its simple operating skills, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful pictures, have get the love and praise of the game players all over the world. The iPad version released in April this year, the game fee to obtain the total iPad championship standings at the first day in China. Then the iPhone version launched, which is also the first time occupied the position of free championship overall standings. To date, the cumulative downloads in the App Store of the “Fishing Joy” has more than 600 million times, and even it is invited to become a pre-installed Apple’s demo application in physical Apple stores in China.

[APK]Brand New Interface, New Android Market Available (Download)

Great news heard from the XDA forum, New Android Market is available today, works perfect on Gingerbread Android 2.3.4, should work on Froyo too.

Android Market is an application that native install on Google Android system, use for getting many kinds of Android application in the offical Market place, you can manager your own installed application, check and get the latest update of those installed applications when you are connect to the Internet.

New features:
1.Brand New Interface, Horizontal scroll switch the main 5 columns, category, Hot, recommended, just like the launcher. The home page use a UI similar to Metro UI of Windows Phone 7.

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