DSI-fix module version V2.51, Reintroduced V2.3 Optimization (update to v2.52)

DSI-fix module for Milestone A853 which is installed the CM7.1 RC13 was updated, some users are talking about this latest update seems working better than the V2.4*, as they have got repeating reboot with the DSI-fix module v2.4*, but after updated to v2.51 the reboot problem have gone. so I update the module file.

In fact I haven’t got reboot such often, my Milestone do got reboot problem with the CyanogenMod 7 preview version in earlier this year, but I don’t remember when the latest “DSI error reboot” happen. Someone said maybe Milestone has different quality in different manufacturing areas, I agree this opinion.

I also thought about that the phone overclock status making our Milestone reboot, when the CPU have not enough voltage or overheat, the phone may cause reboot itself, that is not be proved, but I thinke the default voltage is over the highest value that the OMAP 3430 could suffer, so I adjust the highest voltage at 53, CyanogenMod 7 default value is 64, Motorola official firmware values is 56.

Download link : dsifix_2.51

DSI-fix v2.52 change: force hw reset in case of framedone timeout.
Update v2.52 on Aug. 29, Download link : dsifix_v2.52

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