[Video] Android ICS for Defy Running on Motorola Bravo

Someone post a video stream shows the rom of ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) for Defy running on Motorola Bravo, as the hardware equipment of Bravo is most likely Defy’s, so this guy download the ICS for Defy rom and install it on his Bravo without any modification.

The ICS for Defy rom is a AOSP rom which is under developing by Epsylon3, Epsylon3 has made the system bootable in the last post about this rom, but now he has made the touch screen works and the ADW launcher can run, he post a download site of the ICS for Defy rom, unfortunately the website is down, so if you want to try it on your Defy, you have to wait for some time, maybe you can wait until Epsylon3 fix the screen color and other important things, but this ‘golden’ Ice Cream Sandwich still looks cute, Isn’t it?

Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1361247

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