[Mod] Enable Smart Burst on Nexus 5X with Google Camera 4.1, and Better HDR+

We know about that both of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P has the same rear camera hardware, the Sony IMX377EQH5, but only the Nexus 6P’ Google camera has the Smart Burst and 240 fps slow motion features. Why Google didn’t enable those features on Nexus 5X?

Google considered that the Nexus 5X equip a Snapdragon 808 SoC(while Nexus 6P equip Snapdragon 810 SoC), and Snapdragon 808 SoC can’t handle the Smart Burst and 240 fps slow motion data processing job, so they decided to disable those features on Nexus 5X. Can we find a way to enable these high-end features on Nexus 5X? The answer is Yes! Here comes the Google Camera 4.1 with Smart Burst enabled on Nexus 5X.

Few months ago a thread was posted on the XDA-developer forum, talking about modifying Google Camera’s code to get the Smart Burst and 240 fps slow motion features, but that thread hasn’t been updated for months, so I analysed his Google Camera 3.2 modified version, and make it works on the latest Google Camera 4.1. I just enabled the Burst mode and Smart Burst by now, as the 240 fps slow motion will give you low quality videos, so I decided to enable it later.

While I was viewing the code inside the APK file, I have found some interesting things.
- The Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone was mentioned with their code-names, and ‘Nexus2016′ was used in some functions’ name.
- There are some experiment turning method for Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P in the APK, but have not been used.
- Compared Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P’s camera configuration, I found lots of “simple” method in the Nexus 5X’s configure, the Nexus 6P one seems more professional.
- Both of the New Google Pixel Phone can take HDR+ photos with zero second lag.
- If we give all Nexus camera for power scores, that will be: Nexus 5X: 5.0, Nexus 6P: 7.0, Google Pixel: 7.0, Google Pixel XL: 9.0.

If you want to burst more photos, turn off smart burst in the settings.

After I enabled Smart Burst mode, I also changed the HDR+ sample count limited for Nexus 5X from 3 to 4, and replace the 5X HDR configure of Nexus 6P’s, I have found out that the HDR+ photos has a lower ISO value(lower is better) in low light environment. here is some samples with HDR+ on, left is original Google Camera, right is modified HDR+.

google camera hdr mod1

google camera hdr mod2

The photo which was taken by HDR+ mod version looks more clear, that’s because they have a lower ISO value.

Update 10/13: False positive with virus scan, sorry, change signature method, using Zipsigner, download link updated.
Scan reports:

The Google Camera 4.1 with Smart Burst force enabled version can be download from my Google Drive.
no root permission required, install the Camera App will not replace your original Google Camera, as I rename it to Camera NX.

Update: For double tap power button shortcut, just unlock the phone, then it will ask you which camera you want to launch, tap ‘Camera NX’, then tap ‘Always’, Next time it will directly launch the new camera. If it still not working, try to enabled ‘system modifications permission’ within the app settings.

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