[Mod] Google Camera 4.2 Port for Android 7.0, New AF/AE Lock, Manual EV Compensation, Viewer Gird and More [Update APK]

The Android 7.1 system dump appeared, lots of APKs required 7.1 to run. I decompiled the Camera APK, changed the min requirements to Android 7.0, and everything works, especially the new manual exposure feature, I tested on my Nexus 5X with Android Nougat, it should works on Nexus 6P too.

I rename the app to CameraNX1, so no root permission required to replace stock Google Camera.

Google Camera 4.2 Improvement:

1. Long press to lock focus and exposure, manual exposureManual EV compensation
These amazing features just lifted the Google Camera to a whole new level!
To AF/AE lock, just tap and hold on the viewer, a big circle will appear and tips you AF/AE locked! very useful feature for the complex light environment!
To Manual exposure, just tap the Camera viewer, an exposure bar will appear on the right side, slide up and down to manual adjust the EV compensation.
AF/AE lock and manual EV compensation also works with camcorder.

Google Camera 4.2

Google Camera 4.2 Manual exposure

2. Viewer Gird
A new ‘#’ button was added to UI, provide 3×3, 4×4 and golden ratio options.

Google Camera 4.2 Gird

3. Auto focus speed slightly faster.
Running two Camera several times, Camera 4.2 looks like a little faster when auto focus, but shooting lag seems a little longer.

4. More material design animation and new UI

Auto focus has a new animation, new shooting sound, Lens Blur, photo sphere guide pictures changed to Pixel phones.

Google Camera New UI

Google Camera 4.2 New UI3

Google Camera 4.2 New UI2

Update 10/13: About the virus scan problem.
Sorry, it is because I’m using the test key within the Apktool package to sign the file, and some other ‘bad apks’ have same signatures as mine. It was false positive. see reports below.

Updated HDR+, Still working on the burst mode, my job is busy, smartburst works with new version, see update below.

Update 10/17: Google just released the v4.2 to Nexus 5X & 6P Android 7.1 on Play store, let’s see how to bring 6P’s features to 5X., mod features working now include Smartburst, Head to my new post for details and download.

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  • Alex R.K.

    If it’s a trojan, then don’t download it

  • sonymicronin

    Did you make an arm version? This arm64 version won’t work on my device.

  • demo on

    HI, will this work on AOSP 14.1..? Xperia Acro S .?

    • It’ will work but you can’t get those HDR+ features on none-Nexus/Pixel phones.

  • DanieleRusso

    is there any chance of this app working on non NEXUS/PIXEL phones as ONEPLUS 3/3T?

    • I think I just upload a experiment version, with all features force enabled, you guys who using non-nexus can test it.

      • DanieleRusso

        Great! Thanks a lot for your work Charles!Are you going to make a post when you’ll do it?

  • Ken Roman

    Charles..how do I first of all get your mod from the play store if it does not show up and then what are the instructions to install it on the 6P?

  • Daniel P. Solatie

    I don’t have a Nexus because the AF/AE lock feature was missing, so this is really interesting for me. I might get one after all this time…
    Does the lock work for successive photos? Does it stay locked until you unlock it, or does it unlock after you take the shot?

    • It keep locking up until you unlock it by tap on the viewer, even after taking a picture.

      I don’t know whether other device running stock Android system could use this camera, but the AF/AE lock does not require Nexus hardware.

      • Daniel P. Solatie

        That’s great! Thank you for the info!

  • jacky iakovenko

    download,but can’t install this apk
    ‘aplication not suported witj your device’
    my device: sony xperia z cyanogenmod14

    • I will make a arm version to see if it works in few days.

      • Júlio Machado

        faça cara, por favor, estou ansioso para usar a camera, já uso a cm14 em um samsung. i´m brazilian, language portuguese.

  • shea241

    the exposure slider is EV compensation, *not* manual exposure!

    • Right, I will correct it, thank you.

  • OK, Signature changed, see reports in the post.

  • Post updated. thanks for noticing me.

  • Apk was download from APK mirror, I use the test certificate to sign it so that should be the reason, I will change the signature tool next time.

  • OK, I see the comment on reddit, it the signature problem, as I just use the test certificate within apktool package from XDA forum.

  • Michael B

    Thanks for doing this. Stock 6p here. How do I see the animations? I didnt get any… It looks like from above it has the Moto twist to start camera is that correct?

    • Sorry not the Moto twist, I just mean the UI thing.

      Did you get the “Smartburst” option within burst setting menu? As I use the way to mod Camera 4.1, Camera 4.2 shows the burst setting option but no “Smartburst” within it, just the “automatic creation”.

    • OMG, you guess right, a twist motion detect function was there…see how to active it. 🙂

  • Arvid Lillsund

    I’m getting a warning for Android.SMS.FakeInst, Trojan by Webroot. False positive or any comment on this?

    • Kaspersky? I think It’s false positive, and it didn’t ask the SMS permission or root permission.

    • Post updated, new apk have been tested before upload.

  • Carlos Sierra

    i have nexus 4, N 7.0 and say , app not installed this app isn`t compatible with you tablet?

    • It’s for arm64, wait for the arm version.

  • SE.Quence

    Thanks for share. Already testing on my 5X.
    Compared shots from 4.1 and this new 4.2 cameras.
    Most of all I was troubled by HDR+ performance and noise. Honestly saying, 4.2 camera doesnt deliver better quality in this term. Usability and new UI – yes, but HDR+ is definitely NOT better.

  • Manuel Curi Souza

    Hi! Tried it on my 5x, says something like Invalid package. Donloaded a few times, in case it was a faulty download, but nothing. Im trying it on Marshmallow, can that be the reason?

    • yes, it needs N to run. Why you still using Marshmallow?

      • I need Android M because of Xposed. Would it be possible to also compile it for API23?

        • API 23 is up for testing, if it work please tell me 🙂

          • Nope, sadly not. Blackscreen on camera screen, also drawer doesn’t show up.

          • New test for API 23, probably won’t work 🙁
            As I tested on Xiaomi Mi4, can install, run but black viewer.

      • Manuel Curi Souza

        I get better battery and performance on M, used Stock, stock+ modded Nougat, same. Poorly performance on apps like Snapchat. Now on Pure Nexus, is another universe haha. Can you compile it for Marshmallow please? It would be awesome

        • API 23 is up for testing, if it work please tell me.

          • Manuel Curi Souza

            Testing now, installs and opens, but stays black, with shutter and front camera icons. No image. Thanks for the try on the api23!

          • Did the capture button works, or the UI just freeze?
            I saw some API23 files in the source, it should work with M. at less it still works on N.
            Maybe more things needs to modify to support M.

          • Manuel Curi Souza

            Button works, even the one for changing to the front camera. But you have no image, it takes no photos, and you dont have any menu. Just shutter and button to change camera

  • not competible with nexus 6 7.0

  • Juan S

    Thank you by the way, great work, much appreciated 😀

  • Juan S

    Is there a way to add burst mode ??

    • Working on that.

      • Bruce55

        Any plans on porting some of the Pixel configurations to Nexus 6P as well?

        • Technically it will work by chance, but different camera hardware…