Update Google Camera v4.2.022.135443920, Shortcut Launch (Android 7.1), Burst More, AF/AE Lock Fixed [Download for Nexus 5X & 6P]

The new Google Camera v4.2.022.135443920, AKA the Pixel Camera, can be updated through the Play Store, this is an official release version, not from the Pixel system dump, so it’s more stable and clean. You can get it if you are using Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P with Android 7.0 Nougat, but you need root permission. Thanks to the XDA mate dog121, he has found the way that how to update the Google Camera v4.1 to v4.2 through Play store, no longer need a mod version!

PS. The first method needs to edit the build.prop to get new features was not recommend, as many Apps runs depend on the build.prop information.

If you have installed the leaked pixel launcher, please download the mob version instead, as the Pixel launcher will fc after useing the build.prop way.

How to get Google Camera v4.2 update through Play Store via changing API:
1. Use any root explores, find the file build.prop in /Root/System/ directory.
2. Open and edit the line:
ro.build.version.sdk = 24
Change it to:
ro.build.version.sdk = 25
3. reboot the phone, now open Play Store, You should see a Camera update is available!
Camera will disappear if you change API back to 24! You must uninstall the v4.2 update before you go back to API 24!

If you don’t want to change the system build.prop, you can get the new google camera by download and installing mod version, which don’t need root permission and works both on Nexus 5X & 6P, download link was provided at the end of this post.

update google camera 4.2 new build

APK much smaller than the Pixel one, 25 MB vs 46 MB, as lots of third part things were removed. Also smartburst feature was fixed by this update, probably the 1080p 60fps works on Nexus 6P, but I can’t test as have no device.
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What’s new in the Google Camera build v4.2.022.135443920
1. Shortcut Launch added
This is a new feature of up coming Android 7.1, like the 3D touch function on iOS, you can tap on the icon to see some shortcut operations. although we didn’t get Android 7.1, we can see the shortcut by codes, two shortcuts: Take a Selfie, Take a Video. See the code below:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<shortcut android:icon=”@drawable/ic_selfie” android:enabled=”true” android:shortcutId=”selfie” android:shortcutShortLabel=”@string/shortcut_selfie_short_label” android:shortcutLongLabel=”@string/shortcut_selfie_long_label”>
<intent android:targetPackage=”com.google.android.GoogleCamera” android:action=”android.media.action.STILL_IMAGE_CAMERA” android:targetClass=”com.android.camera.activity.CameraImageActivity”>
<extra android:name=”android.intent.extra.USE_FRONT_CAMERA” android:value=”true” />
<shortcut android:icon=”@drawable/ic_video” android:enabled=”true” android:shortcutId=”video” android:shortcutShortLabel=”@string/shortcut_video_short_label” android:shortcutLongLabel=”@string/shortcut_video_long_label”>
<intent android:targetPackage=”com.google.android.GoogleCamera” android:action=”android.media.action.VIDEO_CAMERA” android:targetClass=”com.android.camera.activity.CameraVideoActivity” />

2. AF/AE lock bug fixed.
AF/AE lock is a amazing new features coms with Camera v4.2, but while testing it with the Pixel dump version, the exposure continued locked even tap other place, you have to move the camera to unlock the exposure. with the new build version, this bug was fixed, when AF/AE locked, tap the Camera viewer will unlock it.
The auto focus speed seems improved a little bit, but the shooting lag still there, about 200ms!

3. Smartburst improvement.
The library of smartburst changes a lot, now it is 8MB vs 4MB before. and the number of best photos automatic saved up to 8, which was only 4 before.
A string add to APK string table: “Save only the best 8 images from a burst”. and There is a new burst editor.

4. UI improvement.
Now a person icon and mountain view icon will show up when switching between front camera and back camera.
Now the battery and clock will display when you view the All photos.

update google camera 4.2 new build 2

Now the old v4.2 looks like a beta test version.

PS2. A mod version with API 24 and smartburst enabled for Nexus 5X will come later today.

Update 10/17 Download available:
1. Smartburst works, now we can save 8 photos one time burst.
2. Modify all Nexus 5X configuration to Nexus 6P’s, a bit slower but better quality.

To Nexus 6P users: the mod version should act the same way as the official version on your phone, as I only change the code for Nexus 5X.

Update 10/21:
1. Bring back shortcuts and round icon, as we have Android 7.1 now.
2. HDR+ with EV adjust bugs was gone, tested on 7.1, don’t know if it still present on 7.0, it should be kernel related if it only present on Android 7.0.
3. Flash mode seems fixed too, maybe kernel related too, need some 7.0 users report.
Scan report removed.

Download link: Camera NX1 v2

Camera NX has been updated to v3, head to the new post, we got 240 FPS slow motion now.

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