[Mod] Camera NX v3.1 Update, Google Camera 4.2.024 with Smart Burst & 240FPS Slow Motion for Nexus 5X

As the Camera X author no longer update his mod of Google Camera 3.2, I just modified the New Google Camera 4.2, active its hidden features for Nexus 5X, which is Smartburst and 240 FPS slow motion video. If you are using Nexus 5X, it definitely better than the stock Camera.

I changed the name and package name, so you don’t have to root the phone to install my mod, which named Camera NX.

We have got the interesting AF/AE lock feature on Camera 4.2, but lost some HDR+ quality as the pipeline changed, actually I prefer brighter picture than less noise, furthermore HDR+ did processing faster on Android 7.1.

Long story short. Camera NX present features that Nexus 5X lacked compared to Nexus 6P: Burst mode, 240 FPS slow motion, better HDR+ quality, ZSL shooting speed with HDR+ off.

Working device:
ARM 64 version: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P.
ARM version: Nexus 6

Update 11/1 Camera NX v3.1 Change log:
1. Update to new Google Camera

What’s new with Google Camera v4.2.024.137460634:
1. Updated camera libraries.


10/27 Camera NX v3 change log :
1. New mod feature: 240 FPS slow motion.
2. Fixed package name for Android wear app inside.

Change log of Google side:
As Google did not release change log details, this is what have changed with the code.
1. New functions for Max_zsl_post_capture_gain.
2. Class “Arc Flare” added, should fix the Arc Flare glitch bug, which was present in Pixel series and Google try to do the fix job.
3. Smartburst improvement for selection meter.

- No bugs on Android 7.1.
- As the Camera 4.2 using some code within Android 7.1 kernel, some bugs may appeared when running on Android 7.0, custom kernel may cause this too but I’m not sure:
1. Flash mode with HDR off seems broken. (Android 7.0)
2. Auto HDR+ with manual exposure / AF/AE lock can’t take a picture, you need to set HDR+ on or off when using manual exposure and AF/AE lock. (Android 7.0)

You should know that Camera NX required Android 7.0+, ARM 64 only, I will make a ARM version to see if it works on other phones.

1. Q: Does the 1080p with 60 FPS works? I saw the options.
A: Some one from XDA thread confirm the 1080p 60fps working on stock Android 7.0 with Franco kernel.   No, it doesn’t work, unless someone could hack the libmmcamera_imx737.so file. Google limited the FPS. I test myself it’s not working on Android 7.1.1 beta. So tell me in the comment if it works for you.  Right now decomfg@XDA has modified the system libraries and we successful recording a video at 1080p@60 fps, though the real FPS is 53 fps, but that is a huge step of this features. Still working to resolve bugs.

2. Q: How to take Successive pictures (Burst mode)?
A: Tap and hold on the capture button, turn off Smartburst if you want to burst more photos, but I don’t recommend.

3. Q: How to lock / unlock the AF/AE lock.
A: lock: tap and hold on the viewer. unlock: tap any other place of the viewer.

4. Q: 240 FPS looks so low quality, how to improve it.
A: As the limited of our N5X SoC, we can’t make it better, I suggest you to use 240 FPS slow motion in the bright situation like outdoor in daytime.

5. Q: How to Enable EIS video.
A: Add this two lines to build.prop if you have root:

Or you can use third party recovery to do that if you don’t have root.

6. Q: What is ZSL mean?
A: ZSL means Zero Shutter Lag, it is the Snapdragon ISP’s hardware feature.

Download link for Nexus 5X/6P:
Camera NX v3.1 ARM 64 | (Alt mirror AFH)

Download link for Nexus 6:
Camera NX v3 ARM

More discussion on XDA
Nexus 5X: http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-5x/themes-apps/mod-google-camera-4-2-nexus-5x-android-t3477980

Nexus 6:

New version V5.3 is up! Now we have a updated version V5.3.1 (No ZSL) for Android 7.0 users too!

Link: Camera NX V5.3 Update For Nexus 5X / 6P, Add Hybrid-Burst Mode, Automatic Select HDR+ Auto, Better Video Bitrate

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