New Google Camera 4.2.032 Bring the White Balance Options Feature Finally, Download 7.0+ Base Mod.

A new version of Google Camera was included in the latest Android 7.1.1 Developer Preview 2, aka the final developer preview before the official Android 7.1 rolling out in December. Let’s see what new things we received.

This new Google Camera comes with version number “”, provide a new white balance options feature. A new thermometer icon was added on the viewer, you can tap on it to choose which white balance mode you want to use, it support 5 modes include: Auto, Cloudy, Sunny, Fluorescent and Tungsten, you can see what is the difference between them with my samples list below:

WhiteBalanceOption WhiteBalanceOption1 WhiteBalanceOption2

What is new under the hood? Let’s decompiled the apk and try to find out what is new hidden.

  1. Front end:
    * Add material light theme supported, add new png resources.
    * Bottom navigation bar, which was mentioned in the DP2 post, re-coded but not display.
    * A value “bottom_bar_height_multiwindow” was added, but still not support split screen.
    * You will get a new “Video reached the 4 GB size limit.” warning while recording a very long video.
  2. Back end
    * AF/AE function improved, add a new FocusMonitor class .
    * add a new AbstractMultimap class for speed improvement.

That all I have found, if you find out more things please tell me in the comments.

Then I do a quick mod, make the new Camera can run on Android 7.0, also deodex for reduce size, if you are interesting, download link:

Google Camera 4.2.032-Mod-Chromloop-signed.apk

Camera NX mod will update in a few hours, I need to test more things.

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