Update Pixel Mod for Nexus 5X Android 7.1.1 NPF6F, Home Button Animation, Night light, Round Icon, Blue Theme

Here is the Pixel mod for Nexus 5X created by myself, it will provide you a full Pixel navigation bar experience (white buttons, home button animation) in any language, no need to enable Google Assistant. Other features please check the list below.

Pixel Mod for Nexus 5X with Android 7.1.1 Developer Preview 2 features:

1. System wide blue theme, same look as Pixel’s. ( Framework-res.apk mod ).

2. Add Pixel Launcher latest version 7.1.1-3359438.

3. Add Pixel built-in wallpaper, New elements and Sky high.

4. Add Google Wallpaper picker.

5. Replace boot animation with Pixel animation.

6. Enable round icon support, night light mode, a “Fake” swipe to show notification, enable camera app pinned.

7. Use Pixel white buttons and home button animation.

8. And NO, the swipe to show notification WON’T work.

Nothing less nothing more. FYI, Google fixed the automatic active function of night light mode in DP 2, and the annoying QMUX bug was fixed too, in the developer preview 1, lots of this error logs spam in the logcat .

11-11 16:14:16.442 E/QC-QMI (495): linux_qmi_qmux_io_wake_lock: Err in writing wakelock=qmuxd_port_wl_0, error [1:Operation not permitted]
11-11 16:14:16.442 E/QC-QMI (495): linux_qmi_qmux_io_wake_unlock: Err in writing wakelock=qmuxd_port_wl_0, error [1:Operation not permitted]
In DP2 it has been fixed.

Let’s see some screenshots:

Pixel mod 1

Pixel mod 2


How to install:

Better to make a Backup first, I have tested it on Nexus 5X running Android 7.1.1 DP 2 by myself, DO NOT try it on any other devices or Roms.

Installation: Just download the flashable package, install through TWRP, all is done.

How to restore:

Download and Flash the Back-to-Stock zip package to restore the stock view.

If you still seeing round icons after flash the Back-to-Stock package, go to settings -> apps, choose “show system” on 3 dots menu, find the Google App, tap on storage, then tap manage space, tap the clear launcher data, all icons will refresh.

As I didn’t provide a restore zip, you can dirty flash the system images , no need to wipe data. Or just restore a backup.

Download link:


Q: Why I can not see any round icons?
A: Try clear the launcher data via manage Google app’s space management, Goto Settings, Apps, Google app, storage, manage space, clear launcher data.

I will provide a guide of the modification of framework-res.apk, it is much easier than modifying SystemUI.apk for home button animation.

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  • Vaibhav Puri

    I Don’t Own A Google Device, But, I Really Like The Dual-Tab Settings Page (ALL & SUPPORT),

    Sir, Please Tell Me How To Interpret Codes To Get This Double-Tab UI….

    In Settings.apk

    I’m Using Lineage OS 14.1

    Please Reply…..

  • Chandrashekhar Singh

    Will you please keep this updated. Please 🙏😌

  • I see, will test it after installing 7.1.1 release.

  • David Sussman Steinberg

    Well done, flashed through twrp recovery, all works as expected. Finally night mode is back.

  • HR

    Toggles are cut on the sides :/ Can you fix it?

    • Hi, What Toggles? I don’t get it.

  • subins mani

    Hai Sir, Please Provide Guide to edit Framework so we can also enable blue accent,, 🙂

  • Did you root and use it in TWRP? this mod is not for stock recovery…try extract the system.img file from factory image, flash it in fastboot mode.

    • Alexander Kazmin

      Ofc. I use latest TWRP , but why I need root phone ?

      • Ah Soon

        Obviously you need a root to modify system lol

  • SE.Quence

    What is solution if i DO NOT want round icons? Is there any option to avoid them as I prefer current behaviour – round icons only for those apps which already have updated round icons?

    • Awookoko

      I want to know as well

    • Do you mean the solid white icons like camera, drive, gmail? you can edit the zip package, delete the “NexusLauncherIcons” folder, restore to stock then flash the modified package again.

      • SE.Quence

        Yep, I meant old style icons with own personal shape. Thanks for guide

  • Bartosz Godlewski

    I cannot get round icons in pixel launcher. Any one Has the same problem?

    • Did you try clear the launcher data via manage Google app’s space ?

      Settings , Apps, Google app, storage, manage space, clear launcher data.

      • Bartosz Godlewski

        Just did it and it helped. Thx

      • Mohamed Hani Bioud

        No icon pack, all work only icon pack why..

        • Did you try clear the launcher data via manage Google app’s space ?

          Settings , Apps, Google app, storage, manage space, clear launcher data.

          • Mohamed Hani Bioud

            Yes i do , and don’t work why?

          • screen shot? did you install other mods?

          • Mohamed Hani Bioud

            It’s working, I clear. launcher data

          • Mohamed Hani Bioud

            But setting icon wan’t to be like on pixel why?

          • Mohamed Hani Bioud

            Can you add me on allô? +213559632873

  • Jordy

    My phone wont start, its stuck at the Google logo 🙁

    • This is for developer preview 2, what’s your rom?

  • Chandrashekhar Singh

    Omg Thank you so much 🙂