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Google Android 4.0 ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) New Features Details, Worth to Update?

Google has released the new generation of Android 4.0 system, including many interesting stuff, there are the redesigned UI(cool blue style), simplified interface to increase the speed, improved voice input function, face recognition, built-in photo editor, traffic monitor, and the Android Beam function.

To Know Android 4.0 & Nexus Prime First, AsiaD in Hong Kong, 2H left

To Know Android 4.0 & Nexus Prime First, AsiaD in Hong Kong, 2H left

Andy Rubin will announce the next generation Android 4.0 system ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) and Nexus Prime on the AsiaD conference after 2 hours in Hong Kong. Happy to know the new Android OS released location is so close to me, :), though I have no time to join this ‘unpacked’ meeting.

[APK] Download Google Music Player from Android 4.0, Brand New Ice Cream Sandwich Style Interface

[APK] Download Google Music Player from Android 4.0, Brand New Ice Cream Sandwich Style Interface

Today we get the news that Google and Samsung decided to delay the Nexus Prime unpacked meeting, also the Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 system, but don’t be disappointed, here comes the native Music Player which is taken from the Android 4.0, with the Ice Cream Sandwich style user interface, though we can not use the Android 4.0 immediately, We can feel a little charm of the new Android 4.0 system.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is Coming, Ready to Update?

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is Coming, Ready to Update?

If you still doubt that Google is going to release the next generation of the Android operating system, codename Ice Cream Sandwich, now you can rest assured. Google just confirmed the news himself by post a video on their development Youtube Channel, the video stream name is “Android ICS Launch”, but as it is a live stream of the Samsung “Unpack” event, we can not watch the video until Oct. 11.

Google-Samsung Nexus Prime Video “Something BIG is Coming”

Google-Samsung Nexus Prime Video

We all heard about the disappointed the Apple conference “Let’s talk iPhone”, Just leave it alone, Samsung just release a super amazing video, announced that Samsung and Google’s ‘Unpacked’ event scheduled for October 11 in San Diego, showed to us a beautiful and mystery curve of side face of the next Google phone, the Nexus Prime.

Google Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich eBay Video

A man is selling his Google Nexus S on Ebay, it is a common Google Nexus S, but within a special Android operate system: the Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the next generation Android OS, Android 2.4 or Android 4.0.

Android 2.4 System will be Long-term Use, without being Quickly Replaced by System Upgrade

It is reported that, Google has guarantee that the Android 2.4 system will be long-term use, without being quickly replaced by system upgrade. The Nexus series phone will probably still be Samsung OEM, and may be named “Nexus Prime”. Informed sources also revealed that “Nexus Prime” will exceed the hardware specifications of any other mobile phones.

The first Google Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich equipment will be released in October

The latest news from BGR shows Google’s Android 2.4 the Ice Cream Sandwich Android device development has entered the end, the major equipment manufacturers are already preparing to release products around October-related, which is the Apple iPhone 5 release time,

Android 2.4, Google make one size of Ice Cream Sandwich fits all embeddable platforms

Android is has clearly become a hot topic in today’s mobile world. Currently designing the new Android Android developers also face difficulties. In the early discussions, even have the topic like why the iPhone applications look like simple but it is better than Android’s. A last meeting Matias Duarte (Google’s design leader) had answered some question on the next version of Android (that is, Ice Cream Sandwich). He answered the question that how the Ice Cream Sandwich will help application developers make better projects, and across a variety of Android factors, in order to meet lots of platforms like Google TV, mobile phones and flat-panel and other products . Duarte have explained a lot and he said Android OS platform will continue to be a better platform to become more mature.

Here are some of Matias Duarte’s statement quoted , to see how he describes the next version of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich:

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