Motorola Defy MB525 Bootloader to be Unlock with Gingerbread update on July 29?(Fake!)

3 weeks ago, a message “Motorola Defy MB525 Bootloader to be Unlock with Gingerbread update on July 29” showed on the Chinese Android forum,, the post’s author said, Motorola is going to bring a surprise gift to the Defy users on July 29, the content is only a few words: “lock? unlock? lock? unlock?, if not , I will eat a tea table.” click the link to see the original post: Maybe you will say that is fake, Motorola is bad, yes I agree, but I should remind you, that guy is the man who had foretell the official Froyo for Milstone 1 date of released in China, Mororola Defy bootloader is going to be unlock when it update to official Gingerbread, just like the Motorola Atrix 4G.

the offical Gingerbread test rom for Defy was leaked serval days before, some people have it test, feeling perfect, but bootloader still lock. I was wondering if Defy’s bootloader could be unlock , Milestone could be unlock by the same way, anyway it should be confirm in two days, time will see.

Well, all the posts about the Defy Gingerbread update is deleted serval hours ago, means the news is “fake”, I’m sorry guys. I think we will not give up unlocking the Bootloader, personally, I don’t think that this “good news” won’t came up without any reasons, maybe the official Gingerbread update is out there .

Don’t be so disappointed, there is another good news you may already know, from now on Crystal Talk is worked on CM7 for Defy with enable and disable options.

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