[Video]Motorola DROID 3 vs Motorola DROID X2

Motorola now is going along a high level product roadmap, manufacture new mobile phones with high hardware one by one, following the launch of Droid X2 in May, Droid 3, a Nisshin machine, also started selling from July 14 . As a smart phone enthusiasts, more concerned about the new product compared to the old product, What’s the difference between them? this video below should give you an answer.

There is a review on phonearena.com:

Okay, we get that Motorola likes to have variety, but after checking out what the two handsets are able to bring to the table, it’s very hard to side with the DROID X2. When looking at their same $199.99 pricing, it’s blatantly obvious that the Motorola DROID 3 is packing a bit more gear under its carriage to increase its overall worth to the consumer – like its front facing camera, exceptional keyboard, global function, and an updated customized Android experience. Previously, size was undeniably the main driving force for the beloved DROID X series, but now that the DROID 3 is sporting a considerably larger frame than its predecessors, it’s no longer an alluring physical trait that the DROID X2 can count on. Even worse, the DROID X2 is already behind the curve with its outdated customized Android 2.2 Froyo experience. However, it’s not all bad news with the DROID X2, especially when it’s the favorable one in terms of shooting photos and videos – but that appears to be its only strong offering. Admittedly, there is no denying that the Motorola DROID 3 received more love and attention, and ultimately, it’s able to catapult over the DROID X2 in being the biggest and baddest DROID smartphone to date from Motorola.

source: Motorola DROID 3 vs Motorola DROID X2

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