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I have picked Some good and useful applications on Android Market, Tools, Widgets, Games, etc.

Google Maps for Android updated to 5.9, Bubble button, notification for Transit Navigation

Google Maps for Android updated to 5.9, Bubble button, notification for Transit Navigation

Google Maps app for Android updated to 5.9.0, the “Transit Navigation” function has continue to be improved, Google Maps 5.9.0 also added a new Labs feature. You will find out that in the new version:

Humanity improvement, the ringtone and voice notification for the Transit Navigation. (test)
Good for the Tablet users, now Transit Navigation feature support the Android Tablet PC. (test)
You get an “Bubble button” if you enabled this new lab feature, then you can see new call and navigation buttons in the results on the map search result.

[APK] MiTalk Messenger , Specifically Design for Mobile Social Communication

[APK] MiTalk Messenger , Specifically Design for Mobile Social Communication

If you are an Android fans, you must heard about the MIUI roms. As the Xiaomi phone was released yesterday, its official rom the MIUI and Xiaomi phone native applications was mentioned everywhere. The popular one is MiTalk Messenger, a mobile social communication tool, support such features: group chat, it supports up to ten people group discussions. Walkie-Talkie, this new feature supports voice messages, let the message lights up.

MiTalk Messenger also support rich media transfer, such as photo and graffiti, and of cause support the cutey rich emoticons. MiTalk has a single contact person list, you can easily to find the people you want to chat. MiTalk Messenger helps you to easily connect with families, friends and colleagues, support 3G / GPRS / WIFI network connection, let you chat with people all over the world.

[Game]Racing Moto, Top New Free, Small game Big Fun !

I have download it on the Andorid market when I saw it was list in the Top New Free games board, Good lord that is so exciting, very fun, If you think that it must a boring moto bicycle game, you should try it , you will change your mind, it is so fun, unbelievable funny, and it is free , NDS and PSP can be lost in the side. but after it was play for a while, the game style change was not enough. Common problem of small game. Still have do some improvement.

YouTube Android Update: Edit Previously Uploaded Movies and Create Playlists

YouTube Android users, it is time to visite the Android Market and update your lovely YouTube. With the new verson you are going to install, you can now edit titles, descriptions and privacy of your previously uploaded videos. You can also create and edit playlists as well as enjoy a new UI for recently recorded videos that need publishing.

[APK]Can not find some applications on the Android Market? Try using the MarketEnabler

Have you ever met this situation, you saw someone is using a Android application, but you Can not find anything about it on the Android Market? and you are sure of the application is available on the Android Market. For example, the payment application can not be found in China, include the Google map, Skype, sometimes even the Gmail. Why? that is because Android Market provide different Android applications in different mobile network providers, but you can use the MarketEnabler to make the system faking serval providers, then you can download the ‘Hidden’ Android application on the Android Market, and you don’t have to travel from China to USA.

Download New Skype for Android , two-way video calling, both Android tablet and phone support

Download New Skype for Android , two-way video calling, both Android tablet and phone support

Skype has just released the 2.1 version of Android applications, now you can download it in the Android market, it provides a large number of bug fixes and performance improvements, the biggest improvement is the two-way video calling capabilities include, both Android tablet PC and phone support, and adds 17 Android devices certification support (non-certified equipment, the experience can not be guaranteed, but if you are using the Android 2.2 above, phone equip with the front camera ment, then you can be use it).

Seagate GoFlex Media™ app, Wireless Access Files on Hard Disk

Seagate just create a GoFlex Satellite Wi-Fi hard drive applicationSeagate GoFlex Media™ app for Android phone users , the application is now available be download from the Android Market, you need to install the Android 2.2 version above, tablet PC and smart phone users can use this application wireless access to music, video, photos, etc. on hard disk, all do not need to connect to the Internet, you just need a WIFI connection. iOS users had received this application in May, now is coming the Android version. Seagate 500GB wireless hard drive sell for $ 200.

Google Map v5.8 beta update, My places, Picture Upload, Better Battery Management

Google just updated the Google Maps to the 5.8 version, this is the second update in this month. last update support offline maps, better search results and street views. v5.8 still a beta version, continue to improve the personal features like upload pictures and visited places management. some hidden features like less battery usage amount, and fonts enlarge in the map is not mentioned.

New features:
*personalize place pages by uploading pictures from your visit.
*manage your starred and recently visited places in the “My places” tab.
*see descriptive terms for Places in search results and Places pages.
*Add a new place to Places when checking in.

PS. people who can’t not update the Google maps, try full wipe the phone, remember to backup your data first.

btw: Google maps is ‘missing’ in the market again…to me.

Fishing Joy HD Android, Top 1 in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and More! Free!

July 19, PunchBox, a Chinese development team, release the first Android version of “Fishing Joy” over the world . “Fishing Joy” with its simple operating skills, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful pictures, have get the love and praise of the game players all over the world. The iPad version released in April this year, the game fee to obtain the total iPad championship standings at the first day in China. Then the iPhone version launched, which is also the first time occupied the position of free championship overall standings. To date, the cumulative downloads in the App Store of the “Fishing Joy” has more than 600 million times, and even it is invited to become a pre-installed Apple’s demo application in physical Apple stores in China.

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