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Did you hear about all this news about the Android communities?

Update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Can it be Possible?

Google has announced the Android 4.0 code name Ice Cream Sandwich, turns out “Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich” is the most popular search term on Internet. People want to know that whether their Android smart phones could update to this new system, unfortunately, if you don’t own the Nexus series phones, you have to put your hopes on the third party developers, like CyanogenMod team, and as the Android 4.0 source code still not release, we have to wait until CM team get the source code and begin to cook the new rom, so the “CyanogenMod 9” rom will be available on December at the earliest. 🙂

To Know Android 4.0 & Nexus Prime First, AsiaD in Hong Kong, 2H left

To Know Android 4.0 & Nexus Prime First, AsiaD in Hong Kong, 2H left

Andy Rubin will announce the next generation Android 4.0 system ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) and Nexus Prime on the AsiaD conference after 2 hours in Hong Kong. Happy to know the new Android OS released location is so close to me, :), though I have no time to join this ‘unpacked’ meeting.

CyanogenMod 7.1 Stable Version Released, Include Sony Ericsson Xperia Phones, Android 2.3.7

Today CyanogenMod(CM) 7.1 finally released, it was being RC status for several months, the changelog is so long, the main work is around the Bug fixes and appearance. However, the most important and most interesting of this stable build is that CM 7.1 now updated to the latest Android 2.3.7.

Xiaomi Phone will Available in a Few Days, Mass Production Started

Xiaomi Phone will Available in a Few Days, Mass Production Started

Xiaomi phone was released in August, then began to receive extensive book, also launched a commemorative project with the engineer phones, to collect a lot of feedback, and resolve them one by one in the past months, to make Xiaomi phone stable and fully improved.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is Coming, Ready to Update?

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is Coming, Ready to Update?

If you still doubt that Google is going to release the next generation of the Android operating system, codename Ice Cream Sandwich, now you can rest assured. Google just confirmed the news himself by post a video on their development Youtube Channel, the video stream name is “Android ICS Launch”, but as it is a live stream of the Samsung “Unpack” event, we can not watch the video until Oct. 11.

Google-Samsung Nexus Prime Video “Something BIG is Coming”

Google-Samsung Nexus Prime Video

We all heard about the disappointed the Apple conference “Let’s talk iPhone”, Just leave it alone, Samsung just release a super amazing video, announced that Samsung and Google’s ‘Unpacked’ event scheduled for October 11 in San Diego, showed to us a beautiful and mystery curve of side face of the next Google phone, the Nexus Prime.

Google Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich eBay Video

A man is selling his Google Nexus S on Ebay, it is a common Google Nexus S, but within a special Android operate system: the Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the next generation Android OS, Android 2.4 or Android 4.0.

Motorola Atrix 4G ME860 Official Android 2.3.4 OTA Update Download

Three days ago, a Motorola Chinese products manager said the Atrix 4G (ME860) and Milestone2 (ME722) official Android 2.3.4 update will be released in October, we can get the update firmware on Sept. 27, now here comes the Atrix 4G Android 2.3.4 update firmware download. They said it is the same as the official release version!

Google Release Android 2.3.6 for Nexus S, How to Apply the Update

Google has released the Android 2.3.6 update for Nexus S, they finally fix the Voice Search bug, which is the Voice Search feature automatic activate occasionally making the phone out of work. Some users on Bell, Rogers, TELUS reported that they have received the update by OTA (over the air), as Google said “An over-the-air update is now starting to roll out that includes a fix for this issue. As with previous updates, it will take a few days to send to everyone”.

the Update include a new baseband I9020AUCKF1, improve the phone call voice quality.

You can Turn on the Background Data and WiFi, check your system update, you may receive the OTA updates, if not and you don’t want to wait for the OTA update, you can install the update manually,

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