How to Fix the Nandroid freeze issue on Milestone A853

How to Fix the Nandroid freeze issue on Milestone A853, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

We all use Open Recovery to install custom roms on Milestone A853, and we’d like to back up some data or the whole system before we try something new, the problem is, when we use the Nandriod for backup job, it freeze most every time, it will stuck on “dumping sd ext partition” or “dumping data” . Now here is a patch for Open Recovery to fix this issue. I have try it by myself, it truly works.

the Nandroid freeze issues is cause by SD card’s compatibility, some SD cards doesn’t working well with Motorola 2.26.29 kernel after it have an ext partition, sometimes it fail to write data on SD card when people using the Nandroid tools.

To fix this problem, download the zip package below on your computer, unzip it, put all the files in folder “SD card/OpenRecovery/lib/modules/2.6.29/”, overwrite the current files, and done. Try reboot into Recovery mode, try back up something to see if the issue is gone.

FYI, all credits go to Nadlabak.

Download Nandroid OR fix for Milestone

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