[video]Which is better, HP Touchpad or Galaxy Tab 10.1

So a comic, telling a story about that in view of the iPad tablet PC’s dominance, many manufacturers have launched their own “iPad killer” product, but these “killers” did not unite the iPad stabbing, but in the “Who is the strongest iPad killer “had an argument on this issue, and finally began killing each other, but iPad still triumph in the pack. If the number of vendors from the “iPad killer” products blaze a new trail in order to face the final Boss apple, to the WebOS, the latest enter the field, between the fright with Android is a fate duel.

WebOS with Android, Which of them exactly better on the tablet? For this, some people got representatives of both products, which are recent enough to attract the attention of HP TouchPad, and Samsung’s blockbuster products Galaxy Tab 10.1
, and together they had a very detailed video evaluation.

Evaluation will include appearance, thickness, interface, screen, systems, functionality, speed and other aspects, as the final outcome of the comparison, or stay here a suspense, read at a glance.

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