CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC13 is Out, Gingerbread 2.3.5, Crystal Talk

There is almost a month since the last CM 7 RC 12 for Milestone released, in the New CM 7 RC13, Android system version is upgrade to 2.3.5, forget about those new features for new Android phones, e.g. 4G network, NFC, we know they have no use for Milestone 1, we should focus on the memory managing improvement, that is the most important point with Milestone A853, the poor 256MB RAM. hopefully Milestone could get more free memory with CyanogenMod 7 RC13.

Another interesting thing is, the moto Crystal Talk is included in this new update package, it was transplanted from the DEFY MB525 official rom, I don’t know if the Crystal Talk application have any difference between DEFY MB525 and Milestone A853, as far as I know is , when you set the Crystal Talk option to Normal, it means “Disable”, the Crystal Talk engine is shutdown, you need to change the option to “Clear” or “Crisp” to make it enable, that is why there is no “disable” option for Crystal Talk function, it is already in there.

I will update the RC13 tomorrow, now the battery is dying.

Big thanks to Nadlabak the author.

update changelog, thanks for heading up by bijixda on XDA forum

- Show dBm for signal strength
- Allow to configure 2, 4, or 5 multi touch
- Native crystal talk support (no need to replace Phone.apk)
- Google Maps hang workaround
- Allow to turn off logging

Happy to see the logging is able to turn off now, as it is less use for common users. Also happy to see we can config the multiple touch numbers, because the 5 points touch does not work better then 2 points.

Download link:

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