Download the Ice Cream Sandwich Dev Build for Galaxy Nexus, Version ICL23D

Just get the big news from the site Android @ Modaco, they are sharing the system image files of the latest Ice Cream Sandwich development build for Galaxy Nexus aka the Nexus prime.

This build include three files, there are
Galaxy Nexus ICL23D boot image
Galaxy Nexus ICL23D recovery image
Galaxy Nexus ICL23D system image

All of them are completely stock and unedited, though it is not for a release purpose, only for development, and this build is not odexed, that means developers who wants to port Ice Cream Sandwich to other devices get a big present, because they can use this build for improving there custom roms by analyzing the original system files, hopefully they can solve the touch sensor, signal, camera, display drives and other main issues. such as Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus S, Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung I9000 and Ice Cream Sandwich for Xperia X10.

Download link: Go to the original post, 04 Nov ICL23D - Galaxy Nexus boot / recovery / system dump

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