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How to Move Apps to SD Card, Apply App2sd on Xperia X8 / W8

How to Move Apps to SD Card, Apply App2sd on Xperia X8 / W8

You may want to get more space to install games or apps on your Xperia X8 / W8, then you need to apply the App2sd (application to SD card) function. Here is a App2sd-active guide for you.

First thing you need to do is update your Xperia X8 / W8 to Cyanogen Mod rom, Android 2.2 or 2.3, and I have post a installation guide for installing custom roms. Check it out here if you are using the stock Android 2.1 firmware.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S II i9100, Step by Step Tutorials

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S II i9100, Step by Step Tutorials

Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 is the most powerful Android smart phone in the world in present days, so people who wanted this powerful phone to be stronger, like you, must be find out how to root the Galaxy S II, aka Samsung i9100, the operation of rooting Galaxy S II is listed below, let’s do it step by step, it’s simple and safe.

Can not Wake Up Your Motorola Photon 4G? and Three Good Tips

1. I can not wake up Photon 4G after let it standby for a few hours.
It seems many Motorola Photon 4G users have the problem of waking up their phones, when the Photon 4G have been in sleep mode for more than a few hours, ie. overnight, it can not be woke up except pull out the battery and put it back again, some people tried to find out what is happening to Photon 4G,

How to Solve the Motorola Defy ME525 WiFi Problem, WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

Some people who are using the Motorola Defy ME525 have the WiFi connection issue, it usually happen with the official roms, such as Android 2.2 or the latest Android 2.3.4, they can not connect to the Wireless Router, or the WiFi connected successful but just can not access the Internet, if the other devices such as PC or Laptop WiFi is working normally, and your Wireless Router is working under 802.11n mode, you should do some modification in your Defy Android system.

How to Remove Phone Numbers from Blacklist in CyanogenMod

A strange thing happened three days before, I can’t call my girlfriend with the short phone number (a service that calling each people who set in a group for free with month payment in China), the phone just one beep then hang up, but I can call her with the original phone number. I have try restart both her and my phone, make sure there is full network signal, but still no luck, everybody can call her except me. This morning I sit down and thinking about the reason, suddenly I get an idea, it is the blacklist phone call.

How to Transfer Files Via Bluetooth on Android, Download Bluetooth File Transfer for Android

How to Transfer Files Via Bluetooth on Android, Download Bluetooth File Transfer for Android

If you just buy a Android smart phone and you are the first time using Bluetooth to transfer something to your friends or your computers, you might be confused about how to make your Android phone connect to other devices and transfer files via bluetooth connection, I recommend you install the Bluetooth File Transfer, and I am going to give you some tips about using bluetooth on Android.

You can download the Bluetooth File Transfer form Android Market, it is free, just some ads showing at the bottom when you connect to the web. Now forget about the built-in Bluetooth option, start the Bluetooth File Transfer, it will show you a file explorer, you can see the files on SD card, just like a common file explorer, you can move or copy files, install apps, view pictures, etc.

How to Install CyanogenMod 7 on Milestone A853

If you are tired of using the official firmware on Milestone A853, and you want to try the best Android version on Milestone, here is a guide for How to Install Cyanogenmod 7 on Milestone A853, It is easy to flash as the new kernel is include in the update package, no need to use the RSD tool. remember to backup your important data before you install the Cyanogenmod 7, because this installation will delete all users data.

[APK]Can not find some applications on the Android Market? Try using the MarketEnabler

Have you ever met this situation, you saw someone is using a Android application, but you Can not find anything about it on the Android Market? and you are sure of the application is available on the Android Market. For example, the payment application can not be found in China, include the Google map, Skype, sometimes even the Gmail. Why? that is because Android Market provide different Android applications in different mobile network providers, but you can use the MarketEnabler to make the system faking serval providers, then you can download the ‘Hidden’ Android application on the Android Market, and you don’t have to travel from China to USA.

How to Disabled 5 Points Touch on CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853

CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC 12 has 5 points touch feature, well it sounds great, we could cut five fruits at the same time in Fruit Ninja, but after some hours with 5 points touch, some side effect just appeared, some games, for example, Fruit Ninja, it runs very slow after the game began a few minutes. It can be confirmed that the game runs normally if you remove the 5 points touch module. Another side effect is lag scrolling, So I think the 5 points touch module needs some work to improve.

Here is the way to disable the 5 points touch module:

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