Motorola Domino+ review , Brand New Styles, China Only

The Motorola Domino+ is rolling out this month in China, it has a brand new style, round body, female welcome looks, totally different with the “Droid” style, if the “Droid” is made for man, then the Domino+ is made for woman, it looks like a beautiful and fashion girl in the mobile phone world.

Motorola Domino+ is specifically sell in China, like other Motorola special design phones which was only sold in the specific countries or areas, like Motorola Z8, it was only released in the Europe and US, I have to bought it through online trading website. I will definitely buy this cutey Domino+ for my girl if it was released in a year ago. Any way, it looks so sweet.


Carefully, New Android Trojan is Recording Your Conversation

We all heard about some Android Trojans are exist out there, they only log the phone calling details and contact numbers, send it through the network to the trojan servers, but recently a new type of Android Trojan show up, it not only log the information, it can record the whole conversation and store it as a .amr file in the SD card, send it to anybody in the dark side. this Android Trojan is discovered by security firm CA.

From now on you should watch the permissions which the Application is asking for, you should think of it carefully, does it really need all those permissions? why a game need to make phone call? why a launcher need microphone control? why a camera app need Internet connection? ask yourself, that is the best defense against many kinds of Android Trojans.


CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC13 is Out, Gingerbread 2.3.5, Crystal Talk

There is almost a month since the last CM 7 RC 12 for Milestone released, in the New CM 7 RC13, Android system version is upgrade to 2.3.5, forget about those new features for new Android phones, e.g. 4G network, NFC, we know they have no use for Milestone 1, we should focus on the memory managing improvement, that is the most important point with Milestone A853, the poor 256MB RAM. hopefully Milestone could get more free memory with CyanogenMod 7 RC13.


Update Your DROID X2 to Gingerbread Android 2.3.3 Now

If you owned a DROID X2 and you are desired a Gingerbread update, I am happy to tell you the Android 2.3.3 official update is available now, Just connect to WIFI or 3G network and check your system update, if you have not flash a third party rom, you should get the system update news, follow the update wizard, download the update package and wait for the phone finish the Gingerbread installation. the en version is 1.3.232.en.US, size 100.8 MB.


Seagate GoFlex Media™ app, Wireless Access Files on Hard Disk

Seagate just create a GoFlex Satellite Wi-Fi hard drive application - Seagate GoFlex Media™ app for Android phone users , the application is now available be download from the Android Market, you need to install the Android 2.2 version above, tablet PC and smart phone users can use this application wireless access to music, video, photos, etc. on hard disk, all do not need to connect to the Internet, you just need a WIFI connection. iOS users had received this application in May, now is coming the Android version. Seagate 500GB wireless hard drive sell for $ 200.


Android 2.4, Google make one size of Ice Cream Sandwich fits all embeddable platforms

Android is has clearly become a hot topic in today’s mobile world. Currently designing the new Android Android developers also face difficulties. In the early discussions, even have the topic like why the iPhone applications look like simple but it is better than Android’s. A last meeting Matias Duarte (Google’s design leader) had answered some question on the next version of Android (that is, Ice Cream Sandwich). He answered the question that how the Ice Cream Sandwich will help application developers make better projects, and across a variety of Android factors, in order to meet lots of platforms like Google TV, mobile phones and flat-panel and other products . Duarte have explained a lot and he said Android OS platform will continue to be a better platform to become more mature.

Here are some of Matias Duarte’s statement quoted , to see how he describes the next version of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich:


Samsung Galaxy S II continued to surge in sales, has been gain 5 million

Earlier this month, Samsung said publicly that Galaxy S II global cumulative sales have exceeded 3 million. Today, the latest news, the king of this Android popularity has exceeded 5 million sales mark.

Samsung said, Galaxy S II listed for sale from the current 5 million to sales in just 85 days time, if the current pace continues, Galaxy S II will refresh Galaxy S of seven months a ten million record sales .


Xiaomi phone release date may be delayed to make way for the iPhone 5

July 29 news, Xiaomi mobile phone, which is owned brand phone of the official development company from MIUI, probably will be bounced. According to reliable sources revealed that the majority Xiaomi mobile phone components supplier is the same company with the iPhone’s, in order to make the iPhone 5 to be listed as scheduled, Xiaomi mobile phones is expected to delay the production. as we know, Xiaomi mobile phones and iPhone 5 use the same corresponding parts , Xiaomi mobile phone’s TPK capacitive touch components, AAC audio devices, Amphenol antenna, Qualcomm and other industry leading suppliers, which is the same as iPhone 5 components suppliers.


CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC13 will come with Crystal Talk, DSI fix, Gingerbread 2.3.5

What a great news ! there will be three important improvement in the next CyanogenMod 7 RC13 for Milestone A853, The Crystal Talk (built-in functions) , the Gingerbread Android 2.3.5 memory fixes, the DSI fix v2.x . The update package is going to release later today or tomorrow, I am looking forward to this RC 13 update. Nadlabak said there will be more than one RC13 update roms, because the DSI-fix needs some more debug.


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