How to make CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 Lighter and Faster

You think your CM7 is fast enough? Here is the way to make CyanogenMod 7 smaller and faster.

I tweak the original CyanogenMod 7(CM7) for Milestone A853 by deleting some application and services which is unnecessary for me, so if the application on the list that you are using it, just keep it in your system, To keep the system stable, I have tested the method, nothing is harmed, so you can use my optimization method safety.

There is lots of additional application in CyanogenMod 7 taken the Milestone A853 native rom storage, some of them even try to run in the background after the phone boot, eating more and more memory. If you are not a developer and take the Milestone for common use, just follow my suggestion and boost your phone.

Apps can be removed safety in folder “/system/app/”, the tools you need is R.E. explorer.


How to Disabled 5 Points Touch on CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853

CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC 12 has 5 points touch feature, well it sounds great, we could cut five fruits at the same time in Fruit Ninja, but after some hours with 5 points touch, some side effect just appeared, some games, for example, Fruit Ninja, it runs very slow after the game began a few minutes. It can be confirmed that the game runs normally if you remove the 5 points touch module. Another side effect is lag scrolling, So I think the 5 points touch module needs some work to improve.

Here is the way to disable the 5 points touch module:


DSI-fix v2.2, no dss power domain suspend issue[update July 22]

DSI-fix v2 - get rid of DSI False Control Errors by optimization
DSI-fix v2 is a fixed version. With DSI-fix v1, Milestone A853 has dss power domain suspend issue, the phone can’t enter the suspend mode in some case while the phone is idle. With DSI-fix v2, the no suspend issue is gone.

This fix is created for CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 (CM7), you can find the dsifix.ko file in /system/lib/module/. To use the DSI-fix v2, you should replace the existed dsifix.ko file with the new one by any root file explorer, remembered to set the file permissions to “rw-r-r-“, and reboot the phone.


Better Kindle, Amazon 9 inches Tablet PC struck in October

Amazon will launch a new Tablet PC in October this year. , this new Amazon Tablet PC will be equipped with 9 inches screen, runs the Android operating system. About the design, Amazon outsourced to Asian manufacturers. According to sources the Tablet has no camera. Amazon’s new Tablet PC will allow users to watch video, read books and listen to digital music purchased from Amazon easily.


Dual operating system tablet PC, ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro appeared on FCC

ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro has appeared on FCC. ViewPad 10 Pro have 10.1-inch touch screen, runs Windows 7 Professional and Android 2.2, with a fast switching system design, ViewPad 10 Pro can be quickly replaced the operating environment without reboot. Meanwhile, the ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro supports flash, Bluetooth, GPS satellite navigation. In addition, users can also ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro WiFi wireless network, easily surf the web world.


[video]Which is better, HP Touchpad or Galaxy Tab 10.1

So a comic, telling a story about that in view of the iPad tablet PC’s dominance, many manufacturers have launched their own “iPad killer” product, but these “killers” did not unite the iPad stabbing, but in the “Who is the strongest iPad killer “had an argument on this issue, and finally began killing each other, but iPad still triumph in the pack. If the number of vendors from the “iPad killer” products blaze a new trail in order to face the final Boss apple, to the WebOS, the latest enter the field, between the fright with Android is a fate duel.


Quick review of Droid 3 (Milestone 3)

Those points is summarize some Droid 3 owners impression, Droid 3 is selling in Verzion store now, before buying the phone you should read the review.

1.Larger 4 inches screen with qHD resolution, but pixelated.
it’s big improve with the Droid 3 screen size, and the resolution is reached 960*540 px, but it is pixelated compare to the Milestone 3.7 inches screen, Droid 3 screen use the PenTile screen technology, it seems unwelcome for the bad display effect, if you are going to buy one, you should consider of it.


Turn off dsi fix module to avoid suspend problem on CM7 RC11 / RC12

Update: now you can use the new DSI fix module (dsifix v2.1), that is a new DSI fix solution that not relate the suspend program, so there is no more suspend issue now.

If you have flashed the recently CyanogenMod 7 RC11 / RC12 for Milestone A853, you should temporary disable the dsifix module, because it will make the phone can not suspend mode when the fix is working after some time. To turn off it, just rename the file “dsifix.ko” to “dsifix.ko.1” in folder “/system/lib/module/”.

if you want to avoid this issue without disable the dsifix module, you can connect your phone with the usb cable, that will recover the error state, but the next error will appear again after some time, this has explained why some people suffered battery drain when they have update to the new rom, when the issue occur, you show only saw the Android OS eats more than 50% battery even the phone is not being use.

Also i find out another bug cause by the dsifix module, see How to active and control the touch-to-focus mode on the CyanogenMod 7.1 (update)

Nadlabak is testing a new dsifix module, I will be waiting for the next build. Good job Nadlabak.


Android 3.2 OS release, Tablet PC market, there are variables

Google’s Android operating system is slowly but steadily infiltrated into the tablet pc. Designed specifically for business users in addition to Cisco Cius Tablet PC, other devices are aimed at ordinary consumers. For now, Android Tablet PC, there are many variables. If successful, Google will be another platform a large number of customers; but if that fails, consumers will realize that the Android for Tablet PC version is no difference compare with the Android for smart phone , which will bring Google disastrous consequences. So, Android Tablet PC can not afford to fail.


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