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Google-Samsung Nexus Prime Video “Something BIG is Coming”

We all heard about the disappointed the Apple conference “Let’s talk iPhone”, Just leave it alone, Samsung just release a super amazing video, announced that Samsung and Google’s ‘Unpacked’ event scheduled for October 11 in San Diego, showed to us a beautiful and mystery curve of side face of the next Google phone, the Nexus Prime. Continue reading

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Xiaomi phone release date may be delayed to make way for the iPhone 5

July 29 news, Xiaomi mobile phone, which is owned brand phone of the official development company from MIUI, probably will be bounced. According to reliable sources revealed that the majority Xiaomi mobile phone components supplier is the same company with the iPhone’s, in order to make the iPhone 5 to be listed as scheduled, Xiaomi mobile phones is expected to delay the production. as we know, Xiaomi mobile phones and iPhone 5 use the same corresponding parts , Xiaomi mobile phone’s TPK capacitive touch components, AAC audio devices, Amphenol antenna, Qualcomm and other industry leading suppliers, which is the same as iPhone 5 components suppliers.
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[APK]Brand New Interface, New Android Market Available (Download)

Great news heard from the XDA forum, New Android Market is available today, works perfect on Gingerbread Android 2.3.4, should work on Froyo too.

Android Market is an application that native install on Google Android system, use for getting many kinds of Android application in the offical Market place, you can manager your own installed application, check and get the latest update of those installed applications when you are connect to the Internet.

New features:
1.Brand New Interface, Horizontal scroll switch the main 5 columns, category, Hot, recommended, just like the launcher. The home page use a UI similar to Metro UI of Windows Phone 7.

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Xiaomi phone: the own brand with MIUI Android phone will be released soon

According to informed sources, the Xiaomi company which is Lei Jun’s second foundation, will release its own brand of mobile phone: Xiaomi phone, it’s marketing vice presidented by Li Wanjiang, phone hardware manufactured by Motorola OEM.
Information which has confirmed is, the exact price is 2600 RMB, lower than half price of the same type of product, mainly selling to the mid-market, the main configuration is CPU: Qualcomm 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, not before rumors of 1.5GHz.

Xiaomi phone has a 4-inch, 480×854 resolution Sharp LCD screen. Touch Components: Taiwan TPK production of capacitive touch components; Accessories: Support for the replacement housing, there are a variety of color covers. Software: Built-in all of Xiaomi software, millet chat provide the same functionality as iMessages in iOS 5.
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Google now activates 500,000 Android devices every day

Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin tweeted this morning to announce that Google is now activating 500,000 devices each day, a 100,000 increase since it’s last announcement at Google I/O in May.

Rubin’s tweet also states that Android activations are growing at 4.4% week on week: Continue reading

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Taiwan HTC said its UK market share of smart phones has risen to 20%

HTC smartphone based on Google’s Android operating system, and RIM, Apple and Samsung competition.

According to the IDC data research firm, in the first quarter HTC UK market share of 15%, last year was 7%.

HTC was expected that 1100-1150 million smart phones will be sold worldwide in this season, that is revenue doubled over the same period last year.

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Will Motorola unlock the Bootloader on older devices?

Fews days ago, A message which named “Motorola Atrix 4G Bootloader Has Been Unlocked” has been spread over the android websites, many people was doubted about the pictures, but that is true, Moto may begin to realize their promise, which is they will unlock the bootloader on their phones this year.
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