The First Aliyun(Ali-cloud) OS Mobile Phone: K-touch w700 review (Appearance 1)

Today I got the real Aliyun(Ali-cloud) OS Mobile Phone: K-touch w700 by the first time, Aliyun(Ali-cloud) OS Mobile Phone was made by three Companies, Ali-cloud the Alibaba’s subsidiary, Tianyu the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer and Nvidia the chip manufacturer company, they work together to build the phone. Ali cloud who leading by the dominant position, Aliyun(Ali-cloud) OS phone is a Tianyu mobile phone that equipped with custom Aliyun operate system, the model is W700, Nvidia Tegra2 dual-core chips inside, the relations between three companies is also not difficult to see from the back logo of the exposure of the real phone.

Appearance: revealing spiritual

About the Colors, the internal man said there will be a variety of sources available in the color selection for customers when roll out on the market. the trial phone that I got is white, the official said they call it “the white peaks”. Do have somewhat cool feeling when you are speaking peaks in Summer. Holding the phone, it is fitting the hand relatively, with one hand you can do all operations. Thought of the machine should have the main body making by plastic to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. However, Aliyun(Ali-cloud) OS Mobile Phone K-touch w700 has a metal body, the sense of weight a bit surprised me, feels very sturdy when I am holding it.

Overall three-dimensional are: body length 118mm, width 60mm , thickness is about 13mm, weight 156 grams. equiped a 3.8 inch 800 * 480 resolution capacitive touch screen. On the positive side, I summed up a word that is spiritual. White border, black screen, and not the rules of the rectangular screen, there is a multi-angle on the bottom, and all four corners with a curved design, a little Q-taste. Specific intent of the bottom curvature of the screen is not clear, probably to distinguish it from other phone brands? Ali-cloud made ​​a cell phone family signs? May there will have a second generation and third generation. This is just a guess. Bottom of the screen with touch buttons, a bit similar to our traditional Android system, from left to right is the home page, menu, back button, and cloud applications.


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The First Aliyun(Ali-cloud) OS Mobile Phone: K-touch w700 review (Appearance 1)

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