How to Solve the Motorola Defy ME525 WiFi Problem, WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

How to Solve the Motorola Defy ME525 WiFi Problem, WiFi Connected But No Internet Access, 4.5 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

Some people who are using the Motorola Defy ME525 have the WiFi connection issue, it usually happen with the official roms, such as Android 2.2 or the latest Android 2.3.4, they can not connect to the Wireless Router, or the WiFi connected successful but just can not access the Internet, if the other devices such as PC or Laptop WiFi is working normally, and your Wireless Router is working under 802.11n mode, you should do some modification in your Defy Android system.

The problem is caused by the WiFi hardware configuration, there is a WiFi problem in some Motorola Android phones, some of them can not working well with the 802.11n WiFi network, it could lose connection or hard to connect to those WiFi network, one of the workarounds is disable the 802.11n function on Defy, use the 802.11g mode. How to change the 802.11n mode to 802.11g mode?
You need to root Defy first, as we need to modify a system file.

Follow the steps:
1. Use the Root explorer, open this file path: “/etc/wifi/”,
2. Use the file editor to open the “tiwlan.ini”.
3. Find this two lines below, change the value if it is not 0.
HT_Enable = 0 # 0=diable 802.11n support
BurstModeEnable = 0 # 0 - Disabled 1 - Enabled

4. Save the file, then reboot your Defy.

Try connect to the WiFi again, every should working correctly. though give up the 802.11n mode, We don’t need the 300Mb/s speed on Defy, so this method has no side effects.

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18 Responses to How to Solve the Motorola Defy ME525 WiFi Problem, WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

  1. Pascal says:

    Hi, I applied the change to the file “tiwlan.ini” without any improvement. Question, should we not change the other 2 files (tiwlan_ap.ini & tiwlan_rfmd.ini), in this way?

    • charles says:

      Hi Pascal, some said they have to change the files “tiwlan_ap.ini” and “tiwlan.ini” to get the WiFi works, don’t know the reason, you can give it a try, and remember to restart the phone after change anything.

  2. No says:

    Well, if you have control over *your* wifi router, just change it to G mode only, and use TKIP instead of AES.

  3. vincent says:

    hi, i modified the tiwlan.ini and rebooted my phone, and it worked! thanks a lot!
    BTW, there are two APs in my office, after this modify, i can only access one of them, i don’t know why.

    • Jnsanders says:

      By going in and turning that 1 to a 0, you are disabling the “N” type wifi. Some routers only put out type N, (not too many). That may be the case.

  4. Guilherme says:

    Worked for me, thanks!!

  5. Mac says:

    Change all the tiwlan files… still not working

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  7. Jnsanders says:

    I also have some wifi problems on the Defy, and CM7 didn’t fix it. It connects and works great, for about 10 min. If I stop using the phone for 5 to 10 min, let it time out and then turn the screen back on, it will still say it’s connected to the net, but it has logged me out of chat, and won’t load anything until I reset the wifi. Sounds like what you described, but mine does work, and then times out. Anyone know if this work around described here will fix my Defy? Will it work if I have CyanogenMod on it?

    • Jnsanders says:

      Edit to the above post: It worked!! NEVER disconnects now, EVER. Wish I did this months ago. Thank you for this info!!!!

  8. mathijs says:

    i got tawlin.ini.bak is that all right orr…

  9. ShinobiNoMono says:


  10. Aarrick says:

    it says error while saving… how to save the file? i really want to fix my wifi.. it is giving me headaches..

  11. boby says:

    can you load up a photo to this page about that how looks like the modified “tiwlan.ini.”

    thank you

  12. kats says:

    My Defy+ couldent “see” my D-Link wifi, tried “everything” until I disabled “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” in the router and then I could connect.

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