[ROM]CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC11 Final released

Now the final CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC11 is released, all works of the modification for the Milestone A853 are done by Nadlabak, visite his homepage. Let’s give the greatest respect and thankful to him.

Download link: CyanogenMod 7 for Milestone A853 RC11 Final

Let’s see the changelog:

7.1.0-RC11-11.07.10 (2.3.4)
- video recording A/V sync fix when aac encoder is in use - high and wide camcorder profiles
(some backported bits of honeycomb stagefright code are in use now in order to achieve it)
- Location Proxy is now loaded correctly, from separate jar package
(finally, no more after-build framework smali hacks are needed)
- ADW Launcher updated (see official CM 7.1 changelog), optimizations affecting drawer scrolling added
- USB status fixes - adb notifications fixed, better SD card transfer speed when shared via USB
- fix for non-working LED notifications in some third party apps
- possible fix for non-correct custom ringtone played on incoming call (needs confirmation)
- Camera: volume key zoom control option now works in steps instead of min/max switch
- new internal screenshot feature - accessible from power menu
- etc

the bold words is important fixs or improves, unfortunately Milestone A853 camera dosen’t support the touch-to-focus function I was wrong, Milestone A853 camera support the touch-to-focus function! a new feature of official CyanogenMod 7 which was I mentioned few days ago, to enable this feature, you should select the setting in camera, the right top setting button, in focus mode, select the “touch” option.

At the moment I’m using the RC11 published on July 6, I found out the Google Map v5.6 can’t not be killed in the Active task list, It just restart immediately after being killed, that can drain the battery over 15% during the night. Maybe it will be fixed in RC11 Final, or I could try the Google Map v5.7. Just test the final build later today.

btw I like the “etc”

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