Seagate GoFlex Media™ app, Wireless Access Files on Hard Disk

Seagate just create a GoFlex Satellite Wi-Fi hard drive application - Seagate GoFlex Media™ app for Android phone users , the application is now available be download from the Android Market, you need to install the Android 2.2 version above, tablet PC and smart phone users can use this application wireless access to music, video, photos, etc. on hard disk, all do not need to connect to the Internet, you just need a WIFI connection. iOS users had received this application in May, now is coming the Android version. Seagate 500GB wireless hard drive sell for $ 200.

App requires a GoFlex Satellite™ mobile wireless storage device to access media files.

•Access your media library stored on the GoFlex Media mobile wireless storage device wherever you are – no Internet required.
•Stream HD videos and begin playback almost instantly.
•Enjoy your music collection, photo albums, and documents too. GoFlex Media allows you to take it all with you.
•Automatically organizes all your digital media into videos, photos, music, and document folders

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Seagate GoFlex Media™ app, Wireless Access Files on Hard Disk

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