Competition of Camera Shot Speed, Galaxy Nexus Vs iPhone 4S, Video

Competition of Camera Shot Speed, Galaxy Nexus Vs iPhone 4S, Video, 0.6 out of 5 based on 1 rating

It was said that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can take photos with zero second delay, in other words, Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime has a very fast camera, it also said that the newest Android 4.0 system improve the performance of phone camera application, so how fast is it, let’s watch the video, you will find out. We will compare with the iPhone 4S, take five pictures.

iPhone 4S is on the left side, then Galaxy Nexus is on the right side, you can hear the sound of shutter, the classic shutter sound is came from iPhone 4S, and the “ding” sound like knocking on bell is came from Galaxy Nexus. You can see iPhone 4S is almost one second slower than Galaxy Nexus. Some said iPhone 4S has a 8M pixel camera while Galaxy Nexus has 5M pixel camera, more pixel takes more time, sounds fairly, I like the animation on iPhone 4S, but I prefer less time delay while I am taking photos.

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