Google Android 4.0 ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) New Features Details, Worth to Update?

Google Android 4.0 ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) New Features Details, Worth to Update?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Google has released the new generation of Android 4.0 system, including many interesting stuff, there are the redesigned UI(cool blue style), simplified interface to increase the speed, improved voice input function, face recognition, built-in photo editor, traffic monitor, and the Android Beam function.

The new Android 4.0 system allows users to set thumbnail of the applications and plug-ins on the main screen of the phone , you no need to return to the application, as you can see some of the latest information inside the thumbnail. The new app drawer slide motion, new we slide around applications list in horizontal, it is more user-friendly. Now the widget can be accessed by the “Widget” label in the app drawer. In addition, users can also feel free to expand the application interface.

In Ice Cream Sandwich, now you can drag the apps to change their location, Android 4.0 also support user create a new folder then fix it in the home screen dock, easy to open any applications in any home screen. The new task manager in Android 4.0 support app thumbnail, it is convenient for users to switch between any application, also by dragging the running application to the left or right side, the user can close the application.

Some said some new features in Android 4.0 system is learned from CM7, like the screenshot function, taken screen shots then the picture will automatically saved in the album, you can hold volume down key and power key to take a screen shot in Android 4.0. Another feature is that users can drag some of the notices to remove them in the notification bar. Btw, the notification bar can be open even the phone screen is locked, that is a good things, as we don’t need to unlock the phone scree to open or clear the notices.

In the SMS function, Android 4.0 keyboard features is improved, not only faster response speed, it is now support the error correction of words, copy and paste tool has also been improved. the improved voice input function can receive your speaking, record as text then send the messages.

Android 4.0′s one big feature is support the face recognition. To unlock phone screen, put your face in front of the camera, the program will determine whether to unlock the phone by recognizing your faces, if you are not the phone owner, the system will respond a message.

In addition, there are a lot of small or big improvements in the built-in applications, e.g. the web browser, in Android 4.0, the built-in browser supports 16 windows open simultaneously, Users browsing can easily store bookmarks.

The Traffic Monitor, it can early warning and monitoring data traffic to help users check traffic usage of each application in a certain period of time.

The Camera, now you can move the lock button to the left to turn directly into the camera mode, the pictures can be easily posted to social networking, email, etc.. also the camera will automatically recognize human faces and focus on them. In addition, the camera also supports taking panoramic photos, and images can be edited in the built-in photo editor.

The Android Beam in Android 4.0 is based on the NFC(near field communication) technology, make two Android mobile phone back to back together, then you can easily exchange data to the other person, such as web pages, maps, games and so on.

All things are clear, except one, dose the old phones which are running Android 2.3 Gingerbread can upgrade to the Android 4.0?

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