Xiaomi Phone Engineering Prototype Review, Appearance Evaluation

Xiaomi Phone Engineering Prototype Review, Appearance Evaluation, 4.6 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Here is the latest review of the Xiaomi phone engineering prototype, include the appearance, 1080p video playback, games, boot time, compare with the Samsung I9100 screen in bright ambient environments, etc., it very comprehensive.

Now you don’t have to wait for the official large number production of Xiaomi phone launch in October, the Taiwan forum Mobile01 is telling us about the details of Xiaomi phone. though the author just test the Xiaomi phone for only 2 hours, but it is comprehensive enough for people who want to take a close look at this best C/P Android phone.

Part 1 , the Appearance Evaluation
Looking close to Xiaomi phone, just as Mr. Let said at the press conference, Xiaomi phone has simple design as the original point of appearance design, with “no design” design idea, try to not make people feeling bad with it at the first sight.

Xiaomi phone has 4 inch Sharp semi-transmissive semi-reflective TFT LCD, it is optimized for high display quality in bright ambient environments, 16:9 appearance ratio is slightly long, 854 * 480 resolution, could have a good experience with watching movies and browsing the web. But this engineering test Xiaomi phone were labeled with screen protector, makes a bit reflective at taking pictures. Xiaomi phone screen is protect by Corning Gorilla Glass, sorry I was wrong, the screen is made by the Dragontrail glass, manufacture by the Asahi Glass (AGC), it is the second biggest glass substrate supplier, the first one is Corning, it is scratch-resistant, the fact is that you don’t need to paste the screen guard on Xiaomi phone screen.

Top of the screen, left corner is the MI LOGO of Xiaomi technology, on middle is the handset, of course, there is a metal grille to prevent dust invasion. Also this area includes a gravity sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor, magnetic sensor and LED light .

At the Bottom of the screen, here are the menu key, home key and back key.

The fuselage top, here are the power / screen lock key and the 3.5mm headphone jack. Also Xiaomi phone has built-in FM radio, of course, you have to plug in the headphones before starting the FM radio.

Bottom of the fuselage, here is a microphone hole with strap place, the slot can is use for open the back cover to see the battery.

Body left side, here is a micro usb transfer / charging cable interface.

Body right side, here are volume adjustment keys and shortcut “Mi key”, the Mi key has been little mentioned in the release conference, it is a feature you can customize the Mi key for different corresponding operations, long press or press to start customized applications, let users quickly start their own most frequently used programs.

Look at the back of Xiaomi phone, is a simple style, non-slip plastic material has a good grip back cover.

Back top, here is a 800-mega pixel camera lens and LED flash, the camera aperture is F2.4, is there support auto focus function? After the actual test, the camera is support for auto focus, and continuous auto focus camcorder, it also supports macro function, latter will have a photo shoot with real video file sharing. The right side of the camera there is a noise-reduction microphone, to remove noise in the environment in the conversation, something like the Motorola CrystalTalk , to bring users better call quality; below is a MI LOGO of the Xiaomi technology.

This strip of metal mesh layer of protection at the bottom of the back is the speaker, Xiaomi phone’s speaker sound volume is really quite large, if you want big speaker, that you can be assured. the dual-core 1.5G with 1G RAM hardware specifications is marked above, some have questioned that type of the Qualcomm CPU is the 1.2G version, they suspected the the 1.5G speed is under hardware overclock. I particularly asked about that to the phone owner, he has replied definitely that the original CPU speed is 1.5G.

The next post will continue to talking about the software performance.

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Xiaomi Phone Engineering Prototype Review, Appearance Evaluation

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4 Responses to Xiaomi Phone Engineering Prototype Review, Appearance Evaluation

  1. Kurma says:

    Thanks for the review. Please don’t stop - I am seriously thinking of getting this phone when I go to China next.

    The body looks as good if not better than my Sammy. Relieved it has Gorilla Glass. Can’t wait to see the photo samples - would be good if they were taken in various light conditions, indoors and out, to really test the noise, white balance and color fidelity as most high end phones take reasonable photos outside in daylight. Some battery tests would be helpful - the battery’s capacity is 50% more than my Sammy’s but with 30% more screen and 400% more processor is it going to die in half the time? I wonder about the battery quality - Chinese generic batteries don’t last.

    • charles says:

      Hi, I will continue to post the review, and I must say the information is from Taiwan forum the “Mobile01″, I just translate it to English.
      I just knew about the screen is made by Dragontrail glass, not Gorilla Glass :( , but the master of Xiaomi forum have said the iPad 2 is using this Dragontrail glass.

      • Kurma says:

        Thanks for the update - and for doing a great job with the translation - it’s really appreciated - such detailed information is hard to come by.

        Dragontrail is excellent - no problems with that. Battery life’s pretty good - 2 hours solid use on 17% - much better than my Sammy. Keep up the good work. Hopefully I’ll have one of these beasts by next year.

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